Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades aggiornamento 46


Come di consueto, Il buon Anton ha rilasciato alla fine del mese un robusto aggiornamento per Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (da ora H3VR, l’acronimo ufficiale). E’ stavolta focalizzato sui bot, programmabili nel respawning e con una migliore intelligenza nel combattimento. Migliorie anche sul fronte dell’interfaccia e la solita generosa aggiunta di equipaggiamento bellico. Ecco il changelog completo:

Soldier-Weiner-Bots (SWBs) Mk 1.1

Configurable Spawner:
– Found in Arena and Mini-Arena (for now)
– Capable of picking from a range of Armor, Health, Perception, Speed and Firearms.
– All Parameters can be randomized.
– Can manually spawn bots into level, or enable Auto-Spawning.
– Auto Spawner can configurable Max Simultaneous Bots and Spawning Speed.
– Auto Spawner always chooses a random spawn point at least 12 meters from player.

New SWB Firearm Selection:
– Now can choose between G17, 870 cutoff, Mac11 and M16
– Each firearm gives the bot custom engagement range behavior
– Each firearm has unique firing cadence behavior, burst groups, and accuracy

Dynamic Firearm Repositioning:
– SWBs can now move their firearms around their body
– SWBs perpetually test various engagement angles to find the best one give target position


  • Added New Firearm: QC9 PDS (9x19mm) with Box and Drum Magazines
  • Added New Firearm: DT11 Shorty (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: DT11 Chopped (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: 870 Full Length (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: 870 Chopped (12 gauge shell)
  • Added New Firearm: Sako85 Obrez’d (.308 Winchester)
  • Added New Firearm: Tactical 8400 Super Shorty (.308 Winchester)
  • Added New Firearm: Model 8 Shorty Carbine (.35 Remington)
  • Added New Firearm: Commando 552 Tactical (5.56x45mm)
  • Added New Firearm: Mp9 (with no integrated suppressor) (9x19mm)
  • Added New Soldier-Weiner-Bot Firearms: M16, 870 Cutoff, Mac11, G17
  • Added New Option: Touchpad/Joystick Locomotion now has several speed settings


  • Changed Original Mp9 to ‘Mp9 Suppressed’
  • Touchpad Joystick Locomotion now only has two speed states: walk and run.
  • Made alternate hold angle for tactical flashlight (detective style) more comfortable
  • Hidden ‘Stamina meter’ for running removed.
  • (MeatGrinder) Spawn Locking is now enabled in Combo #3 and #4 modes


  • Fixed first-run initialization bug affecting some Oculus users
  • Fixed incorrect cartridge spawning for 10.6x25mm spawns from ammo panel
  • Fixed incorrect reference in Model 8 Data File
  • Fixed Mp9 Round ejection vector
  • Fixed Mp9 Magazine eject position
  • Fixed Mp9 bolt speed
  • (MeatGrinder) Fixed D6 room gun-splosion crash issue
  • (Wurstwurld) Fixed Earned Rewards Not Spawning in Scene

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